Essay Writing Solutions: How To Stop Wasting Your Time

Sometimes you can spend more time trying to make decisions about your essay that you can end up wasting so much time that you can get so stressed that you find writing difficult. There are several options open to you.


  • - Make sure that you know exactly what is expected from you. Check the cut-off date, exact style of essay, referencing format, word count etc.

  • Focus on your topic. Try brainstorming. Write down all the information that you already know about the subject, and also write down what you need to find out. Make a rough plan using headings like Introduction, Main, Discussion and Conclusion. Remember that you are going to need a draft. Make sure you factor in some time to proofread and edit your work.

  • - If you cannot think of a topic for your essay, have a look online. Using key words that acknowledge the type of paper you are working on, the level and the broad subject area. Enter this information into an academic search engine, which should generate several websites that will give you lists of paper topics. Once you have got your topic make a plan and also plan your time.

Look at examples

  • - If you are still stuck and at a loss for ideas or you may feel a little under-confident or overwhelmed by the essay writing task the look for some paper examples. This may help you acknowledge the level you need achieve and hopefully inspire you.

  • - Talk to your tutor and or school librarian who may be able to direct you to a few essay examples, they may also offer you some topic related ideas. You could also talk to a Learning Support Tutor who may also offer suggestions
  • - Have a look online. Find a website that offers free paper examples to download. If you manage to get an annotated paper this may help you to target your writing more efficiently

Find a tutor

  • - There are several good homework websites that offer essay writing tutorials in the form of videos that may be useful.

  • - There are also some online services that offer question and answer facilities. Some of them work in real time, so you would not have to wait long for a suggestion.

  • - There are other websites that offer contact with a tutor by email. Sometimes by just running an idea past someone else helps you get on track and enthuse you to get on with your essay.

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