5 tips that will help you create a strong academic essay

The ability to create a strong academic essay can be one of the most useful skills you can have in your entire academic career. This is especially true if you are considering a master’s or doctorate program where you will be required to write thesis and dissertation. Solid writing skills can benefit you in your future career as well.


Prepare To Write

  • You will find many different tips from different sources on how to create a strong essay. It may be difficult to choose which tips to use and how to get started.

  • This resource will show you the most helpful strategies to get you on the path to strong writing.

Writing Ideas

Make yourself an expert on the topic you will be writing about. You will never be able to convince your reader you know what you are talking about unless you truly do know extensively about the subject you are presenting in your essay. Be the expert by putting in the work that’s required, which starts with lots of research. Make sure you write down all the references for the notes you take. You will need them later. Don’t just get lost in the research and end up reading all day without any positive results. Use the internet, your school library and any available academic databases to immerse yourself in the world of other experts in your chosen topic.

Gather, sort and compile your ideas.Where do the ideas come from? They come from at least three sources. The first source is all the research you did in tip number 1, above. The second source is yourself. Now that you are an expert on your topic, start thinking up some of your own unique and original ideas. If none of them pop into your mind, start taking walks and just think and think. Bring something with you to write down all the ideas you think of. The third source is brainstorming. Ask yourself questions about your topic and then answer them. If possible, ask another person who is an expert on your topic to brainstorm with you.

Organize your notes and making your outline. This tip will help you gather all the information you have been accumulating into a nicely organized fashion. Look through all the notes you have written, ideas you have collected and research you have done. What topics appear to be main ideas? You will need these for your main headings in your essay. Smaller topics will be organized into subheadings under each main heading. Some students find it extremely useful to write topics and subtopics onto separate index cards and then lay them all out on the table. Start moving them into like categories. This is how your outline will be formed.

Take Over Writing Phase

The writing phase– the biggest tip here is to look at your outline and start writing. Don’t try to correct anything as you go along. The editing will take place later. Just let the words flow out of your mind and onto the paper or screen. You can adjust things later. You will want to make sure you cover each main topic in enough detail to make a solid argument for your essay.

Editing, revising, proofreading – ideally you will edit your own essay once and then have someone else do an edit for you. It’s difficult for a writer to see their own mistakes. Usually they miss them each time they read their paper. After someone else reads through it, make the necessary revisions. A good proofreading is the very last step. Don’t skip it! It’s one essential tip to a great essay.

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