Culture Of Safety

Whenever something new is introduced or is important for people to know, it is hardly ever encouraged. This is because people always find it easier and are far more comfortable with the thought of sticking to the same things over a long period of time. Hence, in a way, people are never prepared to work towards accepting and adapting to change.

People must understand that idea, that though some events in life demand immediate action, in some cases, inaction is all the action required. It is important to be aware of the directions so one knows exactly what is expected of them in times of safety problems. It is important to feel responsible of the things one faces so that they feel it important that they do something about it. Otherwise, telling oneself that it isn’t their concern just might make the problem worse.

Hence, in order to maintain a culture of safety, it is important to feel responsible of one’s own self. No matter if one is the employer or the employee at a work place, it is important to consider and feel responsible of the present conditions, conditions that directly impact the safety of the others and their own. If a company or an organization refuses to pay attention to such matters, it is almost impossible that the employees would either. These things must be made vividly clear to the staff to ensure that in the face of an adverse incident or an unsafe condition they adhere to the culture of safety taught to them. The reason why the seniors play an important role in all of this is because they can help demonstrate to the junior staff how important these things are and how they are done.

Following are the steps one must follow to ensure the safety:

  1. Pathogens can easily spread via dirty hands. Wash your hands or keep a sanitizer with you at all times to ensure your complete safety at all times.
  2. Do not be casual about medicine doses and double check the amount, especially of strong medicine. Before you hire someone or if someone returns after a long break, make it a point to let them know that their up to date medical checkups are essentially significant.
  3. Every time there is need to insert a catheter, there is a quick checklist that must be followed so there are no infections. This will help you stay on top of your game at all times.

Eventually, this will help you promote a safe environment.

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