The Top 20 Unusual Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas For University

An argumentative essay is one that displays a side of a controversial issue without expressing your opinion. It will include the view of your opposition and direct evidence to refute their reasoning as well. Most students will choose an overly used topic to write this essay on like abortion. This will likely make the teacher not only grade them on their paper but also grade them on whether they wrote a better or worse paper on the topic. It may also bore her to death when she has read the fifth argumentative essay on abortion.

To save yourself from this happening to you, choose an unusual topic that it is likely nobody else will write about. Here is a list of the top twenty unusual argumentative essay topics. They are sure to be unique and will not bore your teacher.

  1. 1. Amount of funding on the war against drugs
  2. 2. Intersex corrective surgery
  3. 3. Restaurant weight limit
  4. 4. Paying for two plane tickets if can’t fit in one seat
  5. 5. Training in states with low levels of oxygen
  6. 6. Is Coke or Pepsi better?
  7. 7. Can you get a good education online?
  8. 8. Is cable television better than satellite television?
  9. 9. Movie censorship and the freedom of speech
  10. 10. Are cheerleaders important to a sporting event?
  11. 11. Should people have to get a license to own a pet?
  12. 12. Homework should be banned?
  13. 13. Should there be Facebook for different ages?
  14. 14. Are men happier than women?
  15. 15. Should hoodies, hats, and sunglasses be banned from banks?
  16. 16. The toilet seat should be left up for men.
  17. 17. Is McDonald’s better than Burger King?
  18. 18. Clothes should be universal.
  19. 19. Why you would make a better boss than your employer?
  20. 20. Things will be better when there is a woman president.

When choosing a unique topic, be aware that you may not find as much information to support your claims. Make sure that you can list at least three reasons to support your side of the issue. Discuss one of the three reasons in each of the three body paragraphs. If you can find evidence to support your claims, that is even better. Your teacher may require that you include a certain number of sources. If that is the case, choose a topic that can accommodate that request so you don’t lose countless points for no reason.

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