I Need To Write My Essay Successfully To Impress My Professors: 5 Helpful Hints

Writing an essay may seem rather like a standard and boring task, but you can turn it into the process of creating a masterpiece if you want. Do you want to make your professors think, “wow! There is something about this essay…”? It is not that difficult if you prepare well and make use of your inspiration. Be sure to keep to the basic essay structure and successfully develop your thesis. The following hints will help you choose the right strategy:

  1. 1. Prepare thoroughly.

  2. It is not that simple to write a successful essay without thorough preparation. First of all, pay attention to the topic. If you are not provided with a ready topic for your essay, you should think hard to come up with an idea that would be particularly close to your inner self. This may be something you feel really worried or excited about, or something that changed your worldview. It will be very interesting and much easier to investigate something you are keen on. If you are given the topic, there is still much to do before starting your essay. Brainstorm the topic and write down all the ideas you can think of. Read all the materials enlisted for the topic research. All these ideas will be used to support your claim. You may also come across some facts or statistics that may be included in your introductory paragraph.

  3. 2. “Hook” your reader into the introduction.

  4. The introduction plays a critical role in your essay, because many people stop reading if their attentions are not caught in the first paragraph. Make your readers wonder, “really? I’ve never heard of that!” Start your introduction with an anecdote or proverb, statistics or quotation, some controversial statement, or a question. All these means will serve well to make your readers follow the story.

  5. 3. Back your thesis.

  6. Don’t forget that you should persuade your reader in the essay. Each body paragraph should contain one sound piece of evidence supporting your thesis. Take the place of your audience and check how they see the topic.

  7. 4. Conclude properly.

  8. Summarize what was revealed in your essay. You may simply narrate, starting with the most important information and finishing with the least important one. You may use a question at the end of your conclusion so that the reader is left with something more to reflect on. Even an apt anecdote might be appropriate in the last sentence of the conclusion.

  9. 5. Proofread.

  10. The success of your essay is directly dependent on the mistakes you or your writer might have made. Check for grammar mistakes, look for misspelled words, delete unnecessary words and phrases, check if the correct tense was used, and pay close attention to the punctuations. Print out your essay, and give it to someone else to proofread.

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