Creating A Descriptive Essay Outline: Basic Tips

Understanding a descriptive essay and what it consists of will help you develop an outline. This type of essay requires clear details and the ability to provide written information with the use of all senses such as hearing, visualization and sense of touch. As you create this form of writing your outline can be broken into smaller sections to feature each description part of your main idea. These details give readers a strong sense of actually being present in the scenario you are describing. Plus, it makes it easier to write your paper. Here are basic tips for your descriptive essay outline.

  • What are you describing? A descriptive essay should have a clear main idea that helps readers know what you are discussing throughout your paper. You want this information to be clear and easy to identify early in the text. As you think about this aspect take notes on details you want to be sure to mention about your subject.

  • What details should people know? When you choose your topic this is likely one of the first questions that comes to mind. As you think about what people should know make a list and use the information to help you develop a solid main idea or thesis. This also leads to evidence supporting your main idea you will want to mention later in the text.

  • In what order should details be presented to readers? A descriptive essay will present related actions and details that make your paper stand out with purpose. This information should come across to readers with ease. In other words when people read your paper they should be able to follow events as they happen to understand the general outcome of the paper.

  • What evidence is necessary to provide full description? When you have settled on an essay topic idea think about the most important details readers need to know. This is your evidence to help support additional points throughout the paper. Your main idea or thesis will have several points to back it up and support it. Each of these points will need additional information to help the main idea be concise.

  • What information will be presented in the introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs? As you gather information about your topic start thinking about where this information will appear in the essay itself.

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