The Bible is a compilation of works whose original publication was done as a means of calming the masses who were fighting at the time. Emperor Constantine was able to bring peace to his lands between the Christians and the Pagans by compiling a book whose stories satisfied both.

The Bible is a compilation of books and stories and poems which were all written by different authors at different points in time. Each book has a unique author though some books were authored by the same person. They each tell of a time either before the birth of Jesus Christ or after it. Those which talk of before Christ are considered part of the “Old Testament”. Those which speak after the birth of Christ are considered part of the “New Testament”. These books represent a wide span of hundreds of years. What is more interesting is that each story was written down by those who had heard it through an oral tradition hundreds of years after the event itself took place. No author of the books of the Bible was actually sitting present at the time of the event and taking notes like a journalist today.

This fact has caused a great deal of controversy. As has the fact that the Bible is compiled of allegorical works and poems as well as a wide range of literary devices. There are many things within the different books which are different from the others. Some books offer a genealogical account of a family line. Others are a warning or a chronological account. Some are poems and some are allegorical stories. There are many religions today who follow the Bible as their holy book and yet they refuse to acknowledge this historical fact. They interpret everything contained within all of the vastly different books written by dozens of authors at different points in time as a literal book which was intended to be followed literally.

This has caused a great deal of trouble among other groups who choose to focus only on the books contained in the New Testament or books contained in the Old Testament. Many of the common practices today which all followers adhere to such as the birth of Jesus Christ in December are actually inaccurate. The details from the Bible were debated among the Council of Nicea led by Emperor Constantine. They debated which books should be kept in the Bible and which should be thrown out. They agreed on information that would satisfy both the Pagan groups and the Christian groups. The actual birth of a man named Jesus Christ was not until the month of April but moving the date to that of December satisfied Christian believers as well as Pagan believers for whom that month was a holiday. Such information would make the world a better place and would help to downplay the amount of violence that goes on today in support of the book whose very origin arises from a means to stop violence.

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