How To Organize My Essay Writing Process In The Most Efficient Way

When you are about to organize your essay before you start to write it, you first have to know what kind of essay you are writing.

Types Of Essays

  • - Narrative

  • - Cause and Effect

  • - Descriptive

  • - Analytical

  • - Definition

  • - Compare and Contrast

  • - Persuasive

  • - Argumentative

  • - Personal

Once you know what kind of essay you are about to write then you can start to throw around ideas for your topic. Pick a topic that you like and one that is interesting. If you like it and it is interesting then the writing process will go faster.

The Writing Process

  • - Now that you have a topic, now you can start to brainstorm the ideas on where you want take your topic. You want to make sure that you narrow the focus of your topic to a specific part of the topic, so your topic isn’t too broad.

  • - Start your research and then create an outline. After you have done all of your research for your essay, make an outline and see how much more research you may have to do or if you might have to tweak your topic slightly. You also want to create your thesis statement during this process.

  • - Since you have all of the information that you will need to write your essay, now you can do that. Each paragraph should have the following elements in them, topic sentence, two or three support sentences, and then a transition or concluding sentence. You use transition sentences for the all of the paragraphs expect the conclusion.

  • - After you have written your entire essay, then you have to go back and read over it. You are looking for missing support, the flow of it, and any confusing part of it. You want to fix this so it reads better and is easier to understand.

  • - Now you have to edit it, you are looking for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and any other error that might make your essay hard to read or understand. Your teacher will look for these kinds of errors and it can dramatically affect your grade.

  • - The last step to writing any essay is to have someone else read it. This is optional, you don’t have to do it but it will help you a lot to have someone else give you feedback on the essay. They will be able to see more mistakes and then you have a better chance of a good grade.

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