Air Pollution In Los Angeles

When it comes to the issues of pollution in the air, Los Angeles has a problem here. The population of the state has been given to be approximately 18 million. The contamination in the air is high apparently. Reportedly the state has been ranked among the areas with too much air pollution and contamination. The area is in a basin that is surrounded by several ranges and with the pacific ocean on the west side. The governments are in the efforts of reducing the contamination in Los Angeles To improve air quality for the benefit both the people. Air pollution affects negatively the health of residents and also can result to contribution to climate change. Environment protection Agencies in the area need to do something serious. The residents of Los Angeles view the air contamination as a serious and disturbing problem as they suffer from the effects especially those exposed.

Air Pollution in Los Angeles: Causes

Human activities are among both major causes of pollution in Los Angeles. The industrialization has led to the increase in the levels of toxins and contaminants in the air. There are efforts to curb this cause by provision of methods that will ensure that little or no toxins get to the air. The increased use of motor cars and transport vehicles is another major cause of the increases bad air quality. The weather that is mainly sunny and the area also do not receive rain regularly. The air is thus mainly dusty. The fact also increases the rate of formation of ozone layer. These causes need mitigation measures. Government efforts including environmental agencies need to intervene.

Air Pollution in Los Angeles: Effects

Air contamination worsens some conditions in the body. Respiratory conditions that include asthma and inflammation are likely to worsen on exposure to the contaminants. Early death is reportedly an effect of the contaminated air in Los Angeles. Most people die from worsened condition due to exposure to pollutants released in the air. The central nervous system suffers in case of continued exposure to pollutants. Reproductive problems resulting from the increased pollution and poor air quality has been reported in hospitals. Statistics show that the poor air quality negatively affect the productivity and especially for women. Development of children in the presence of toxins in the air can be slow as the air may lead to respiratory issues in children.

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