Federalism represents those governments constituting the aspect of division of the power between federal or national governments and regional governments. The system is known to be effective in vast or large geographical areas. The system is designed to take governance closer to the citizens through their leaders. The American government for example uses the system. The regional governments in the system have a constitution that is written. They are given the power and granted independence and other responsibilities. In the Legislative level, the governments are permitted to have, pass, amend and make laws. In the judiciary, law enforcement and interpretation is allowed for the federal governments. The independence and powers allowed to the state or federal governments allow the leaders to ensure that they help the people in their states. They give issues affecting the regions and the people priorities. They have the interests on the people. They have written constitutions that provide the powers which are accompanied by responsibilities. States make treaties, and also control resources in their states.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism

Federalism ensures that the government is and remains closer to the people. The people are thus able to articulate issues that are affecting lives and wellbeing. The leaders respond by prioritizing on these issues. The state is viewed as a ground of providing training for the leaders. The leaders can thus lead the people well with the proper training. The system avoids the concentration of power in only some area and ensures that power is spread in all the regions. The system ensures that there is diversity in leadership as leaders are from different regions. The system is thus advantageous for vast area or places that are large geographically. However the system is not good for areas that are geographically small. It would not have a meaning. The constitution causes inflexibility as all the regions need to follow their constitution. The duplication of power positions in regions is a major disadvantage. Functions and office positions are also duplicated. The system is complex and can be cumbersome to manage and control. Conflicts between or even among regions about authority may arise from time to time.

Controversial Issues

The responsibilities of the state and federal levels are hard to determine. The powers the state should enjoy is a matter of controversy too. More freedom or authority to states is viewed to be disadvantageous as it reduces comprehensiveness of the social welfare. On the other hand, it has a positive effect and impact on economies.

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