The Battle Of Bull Run

The Battle of Bull Run, or First Manassas as it was called by the confederate army, occurred during the month of July, in the year 1861 and was fought in Prince William county, Virginia. A bloody fight involving the highly disorganized forces of the Union Army from the north against the equally disorganized Confederate army from the south. Lead by equally inexperienced generals, this battle was the first of many in what would come to be known as the American Civil War.

The Actual Engagement

On July 21st, 1861, Brigadier General, Irvin McDowell, led his sparsely trained army of roughly 18,000 across Bull Run, in hope of catching the camped confederate forces by surprise. His inexperienced officers fowled the plan but the confederate forces still found themselves at a major disadvantage. The tides would soon turn however, as reinforcements would soon arrive on the scene by rail from Shenandoah Valley and under the leadership of Brigadier General Joseph E. Johnston, the tide of the battle quickly changed. Under fire from the strong confederate counterattack, the union troops eventually surrendered. This was the end of the first major battle of the American Civil War.

The union

Governed by president Lincoln, slavery was abolished in all American states but for a few in the south and these states wanted badly to keep their rights to own slaves. As a result, many enlisted officers of the US Army who were native to the south, resigned their posts to join the forces of the south. The US Army now in need of officers and infantry. President Lincoln called for volunteers eventually turning to conscription when volunteers became scarce. This collection of immigrants, foreigners and patriots made up what became known as the Union Army.

The confederate

Slaves are quite an asset to any production industry requiring heavy labor since they’re relatively cheap and renewable, if you are able to over look the human rights violations. For this reason many plantation owners were unwilling to give up their rights to slavery and were willing to fight for it. Many slavery supporters, under the leadership of then defected US Army officers and regiments, made up what became know as the confederate army and they sought to fight for their independence from the rest of the US.

This was a long bloody war with the union eventually claiming victory, abolishing slavery in all states of the United States, making the world a much better place for all.

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