What Am I Supposed To Write In A Cause And Effect Essay About Love?

This topic can be trickier than expected. On one hand, we all know what love is but we may only agree to disagree in a definition. On the down side, will you be able to put down in words the amount of experiences involved with this feeling? Let's summarize some guidelines that will be useful in the creation of a cause and effect essay on this topic.

  • Analyse the causes. Love is ultimately a persistent feeling that involves a series of chemical reactions in our brain. This emotion has some unique characteristics and serve bond people together. In order to work in the causes, you should pick an approach: subjective or objective. Which one is the most familiar one to you? On the former, you will be describing you own or other people experiences whereas, on the latter, you will base your analysis on the scientific facts that are know for the time being.
  • Do you want to talk about emotions? In that case, go for the personal approach, describe your experience with love. If you have already been in love with someone, this will be simple. However, if you have not, you will need to rely on someone else's insight on this topic. People often go romantic but there is no need to be twisted. Love is the feeling that forever tends your perception of someone else. What is the cause? It seems as it has always been there to the subject.

  • Analyse the effects. As to the effects of love, they are all well-known. Although it depends on the person, you will notice some of the following: you look at that person for a long period of time and seem to lose track of time, you enjoy the company of that special person above all, you look forward to meeting that person again and again, you may like to ask that person out, etc.
  • The symptoms are evident, although it is not an illness. Love is a persistent state in your brain, a very strong mindset. We have evolved to have such strong bonds with someone else because it allows the ultimate aim in our existence: preservation of the species. That is, at least, the explanation of the effects according to a scientific. Do you prefer to talk about emotions? Then, why don't you write down your own experiences about this topic? Cause and effect come one after another, just as a couple when there is love.

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