15 Excellent Ideas For 6th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing an essay seems like a tough task because of the research involved. Students need to get unique ideas for the paper and write a winning essay that can help them impress their teachers. A persuasive essay is the type of assignment in which you need to convince your readers and audience by developing a strong stance and having your major arguments supported by strong facts. You need to convince your audience for or against a certain topic. It is important for you to stay objective throughout the process and do not let your personal opinions and affiliations effect your work. It is important for you to be able to have strong evidence to prove your points because the audience will not rely on mere statements unless they have authenticated facts as a proof.

The hardest part of writing your paper is choosing a winning topic. Below is a list of fifteen interesting topics that students can use for a persuasive essay in school.

  1. 1. Drug abuse is harmful while drug use might not always be harmful

  2. 2. Blaming the entire race, religion or nation for one particular person’s act is irrational

  3. 3. Idealist behavior can be a sign of achieving higher purposes in life

  4. 4. Not every employee in the work force can be motivated via same tactic. Different people have different inspirations and different reasons for staying motivated

  5. 5. Teenage life is a life or impractical plans and fantasy dreams. The ideas are not realistic

  6. 6. What you read in theory is not what happens in the actual world

  7. 7. Helping others will ultimately give you inner satisfaction and motivation to do better for yourself

  8. 8. Positive energies attract positive energies while negative energies attract bad things. Our minds act like a magnet

  9. 9. Life spent in disappointment is worse than life spent at least trying to get something

  10. 10. Time will never wait for you if you do not respect it

  11. 11. The ever famous heroes might not be as heroic as you thought

  12. 12. Research shows that obesity is rising at a deadly rate in western countries. FMCGs should revise their policies and products

  13. 13. The Darwin theory of survival of the fittest might just be as true as he stated

  14. 14. Humans evolve. Change is in the nature of human

  15. 15. Universe actually acts in its own strange ways

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