Assessing The Impact Of School Breakfast

The process of studying in elementary and secondary school are very important stages of development since they determine the further cognitive abilities of a person. Therefore, the superior idea of primary education is to provide decent basics for future study process. Moreover, the purpose of school is not only to provide the access to knowledge but also bring a significant contribution to the overall development of a student. Hence, school executives and decision makers should scrutiny and implement the respective findings in the realm of an efficiency of the study process. According to up to date findings, school nutrition is one of those significant factors that affects the overall study success of a student. Thus, I assert that the quality of school nutrition has drastically decreased in the last decade and henceforth harmed the overall school performance.

Breakfast menus in the schools are not adequate enough to provide the energetic start of the day. Though, the menus vary from school to school but most of the menus are not nutritious. For a healthy breakfast, students have to pay. No matter how bad or good the breakfast available in the school are there is an instantaneous increase in the student’s attendance by the inclusion of breakfast program, probably because parents can save money.

This is not the situation with each school, some educational institutions have great breakfast menu that are available free of cost or at a much lower price. Despite of having nutritious breakfast accessible at schools, a significant amount of students consume inadequate calories from the breakfast by eating less. A recent study has shown that some students take less portion of breakfast, as a consequence of small nutritional intake contrasted with require, their productivity decreases. On the other hand, few students consume all of the breakfast and there seems to be an obesity problem in those students.

In conclusion, I assert that improvements should be made at the rudimentary level to make the breakfast program more successful by giving each student a perfectly healthy meal which is ample in nutrients and in quantity. Moreover, we should elaborate on the federal program of control and assessment of those students who consume food under the required level.

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