How To Pick Good Essay Topics For College Students

Essay writing is quite a fun and interesting task. You can choose a topic on your own and write whatever you wish to, keeping the authentication and validity of your ideas in mind. If you master a few critical considerations, you can write any kind of essay without a problem. As you practice, you will find it more fun and less hard work to write your paper.

The first step before beginning your paper is the topic selection. You need to pick up a unique and interesting topic for your paper that will keep them interested to read more of your paper. It is an art to be able to hook your audience in your topic or the introduction. If you do not know how to choose a strong topic, there is nothing to worry about at all. You need to divide your task into simpler and easier steps so that you can complete it without any delays and problems. Have a plan to work with and follow it to get ideal results. Below are some very simple steps to help you choose the right topic for your paper.

  1. 1 .Divide your subject into easy parts

  2. 2. List down possible topics in each category or sub division

  3. 3. Ask around for suggestions

  4. 4. Choose the one that suits you the best

  5. 5. Focus on the major arguments for each topic

  6. 6. See if you will have enough research material to prove your point

  7. 7. Choose your topic

  8. 8. Edit and rephrase to make it more precise and direct

Examples of a good essay topic for college

  1. 1. The relationship between war on terror and foreign trade

  2. 2. Can government actually control the drastically increasing obesity rates in America

  3. 3. Which is the safest and yet most affordable city to live in London?

  4. 4. Why do teens tend to oppose their parents and try things that may cause serious harms

  5. 5. Can there be meaningful life without any struggles?

  6. 6. What is exploitation of labor in the mobile phone industry

  7. 7. Is it ethical for sport celebrities and film stars to lie on the media while endorsing a certain product

  8. 8. Are women used as an object of attraction and sex appeal in sports and product advertisements

  9. 9. What is the strongest force on earth, Love, money, hatred or none of them

  10. 10. Are all humans prone to addiction of any kind? If not why

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