How Beneficial Are Genetically Modified Foods On A Global Scale

Genetically modified foods may in theory provide mass food to people who otherwise lack food, but in practice can lack the nutrition necessary to live a healthy life. Individuals and families should grow a variety of vegetables so that they can grow healthy food which is adequate enough to sustain them. This begins with starting activities which generate income, as well as making budgets. The biggest resource many people will have is the land. By focusing on the land, individuals and families can encourage development through increasing the economy of the families progressively as each year passes. The better the land is utilized and grown, the better the economy of the family will be alongside the health of the family. It is important for the soil that the land be grown throughout the year, especially during rainy seasons. The first step is measuring the land at which point a planting plan can be drawn in each area of the map depicting which plants will be grown in which locations.

Since the human body needs more than staple items to sustain a healthy living, farmers should be encouraged to grow maize, legumes, fruits, as well as vegetables. Protein helps to build healthy bones, muscles, and keep organs healthy. Children also need protein for the development of their brains at a young age. Vitamins from fruits and vegetables will strengthen the immune system. Farmers should be encouraged to grow cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, as well as herbs.

The next step in terms of basic development is encouraging individuals and families to prepare budgets which help them understand monthly expenditures, possible economic crises, as well as how to become more self-reliant through growing their own food. To do this the families should write out their monthly income each month, how much they expect to earn from the cash crops, or from any other income-generating activity. Spending categories should be divided including food, hygiene, transportation, as well as education. For farming, other expenses such as diesel, packaging, or fertilizer might also need to be factored. Part of the calendar includes family events, national holidays, traditional ceremonies, or school breaks. It important when any decisions are made in their homes, they are discussed with the entire family.

The next issue within this line is food security. Food security does not mean starvation, but rather, that 852 million people are chronically hungry, unsure from where their next meal might come. Part of returning to basics and living healthier lives includes working with communities and individuals to improve food security in families. To do this, families need to become self-reliant in terms of their food production. Part of this includes yielding crops throughout the entire year, not skipping the rainy season. While it is important to eat the right amount of food, it is equally important to eat the right types of food in their correct amounts. If children live off of a single staple item, their body will lack the proper nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins it needs to properly develop and keep them healthy enough to fight off diseases.

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