Helpful Manual On Composing An Essay About The US Education System

The American education system is complex and consists of many stages. However, the system is one of the best in the world, and a lot of people, both immigrants and people out of the US yearn to read about it. In the next few minutes, we shall look at a manual that could help a writer like you pen a great essay based on this education system.

First, education is compulsory in all states for children aged between five years and eighteen. The actual ages may vary from state to state but children are required to school straight from preschool through high school levels. On the other hand, most students attend their classes in public schools (about 87%) with only 10% of them going to private schools and another 3% being home schooled.

Historical perspective

The history of the education system is long and intriguing. It can also be a great source for an article idea, particularly since the historical journey for the education system has taken myriads of turns and achievements in the more than 150 years of its existence. A topic about the history of education on African American students for instance can be both insightful and inspiring story to write about. All in all, the history of the education system is long and cannot be exhausted by one essay.

Statistical perspective

If you love writing about numbers and statistics, the American education system can be a source of hundreds of essay topics about the system. You can either decide to write about the statistical enrollment of students based on gender, race, state or economic status. On the other hand, an article comparing the enrollment and graduation of students in the US compared to other developed countries would also be a great idea to write about.

Education Stages

This is the section with the greatest potential for ideas to a writer. The education stages of the US are numerous, starting from pre-kindergarten all the way to the university. The education calendar on the other hand begins in late August and ends just around summer time, after which students goes for the summer holiday and advances to the next grade altogether as a cohort. Finally, one may also decide to focus on the curriculum used in American schools, provided that you limit your essay to one topic idea.

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