The Triumph Of Globalization

To claim a triumph of globalization is a profound effort for what many consider controversial. Especially since the meaning is so broad. The triumph is seen in many aspects of influence, philosophical, economically and agriculturally.

If you were to look at some of the concerns with a country’s economy, much of it is around the value of currency and in order to make sure it doesn’t lower to catastrophic levels, there is always globalization where exchanges can benefit more people. This builds new bridges and new infrastructure. Here are some reasons why it is a triumph.

Eradicating Poverty

You cannot talk about globalization without discussing the economy, which is the driving force of why it succeeds. The main point that is constantly driven is how globalization helps underdeveloped nations get out of poverty. Because we know that there are differences between which countries benefit and which do not since the era of industrialization.

A company from the Western world establishes a regional corporation there and is able to hire those to work for a better wage than what they’re used to. That in return allows them to put that money back into their economy and helping to empower others and improve their way of life.

Cultural Melting Pot

For instance, nationalism remains strong if there’s no reason to include others outside of it. Without globalization there is no interaction and it’s much harder to prove that nationalism is a failed ideology. Those within and outside are able to interact and learn from each other better, where the borders begin to disappear and we can all claim to be one and the same.

For centuries, cultures have been influencing one another to the point where they result in cultural hybrids that one would not know to see them today. In the old days this process was slow, but the connection is now constant and everyone is influenced by different cultures of effectively.

Making Better Humans

Humans are social creatures. Of course that’s likely to be debated as facts are generally turned into opinions these days, which like globalization, is a pretty new thing. But assuming that that fact is not challenged, globalization establishes new routes in communicating with other cultures, which changes minds. In the end, isn’t that what the entire point of human culture is?


It all comes down to establishing new routes for financial independence and gain. The exchange of currency can come from anywhere and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this are free to capitalize with whomever they want now, with technologies and deregulation. By not restricting their effort, they and anyone can become more prosperous.

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