Where To Look For Best College Essay Examples: A Guide For The First Timers

When you are a college student and writing your first essay at that level, it can be very difficult because there is more that goes into these kinds of assignments. You have to do more to it than you would have done in high school, you have to write on that level, which is difficult if you aren’t that great of a writer and didn’t learn the correct way in high school. That is why most students are turning to examples to help them figure out the right way to write them. These can be found online and this list will give you some great sites to visit to find the best ones.

Best College Essay Examples

  • - APA Study Notes give you eighty of the best essays that were written by students. These works are great samples that you can use to learn how to write your own and they are on various subjects, which make finding the best sample easy.

  • - International Students has two great examples of these kinds of work on their website and they even give you the writing prompt used to write them. So you can read the samples and then use the writing prompt and write your own as practice.

  • - Accepted is also another great site that has samples of these kinds of papers on their website. Here you will have for essay examples to help you learn how to write your own and it also gives you some helpful advice on how to write the essay as well.

  • - Spark Notes have samples of college essays that were written by other students. You will see the writing prompt that the students used to write their paper and the paper that they wrote. And since you have the prompt, you can also use them to practice your paper that you have to write as well.

  • - Teen Ink is a website that is geared towards teens and shows them how to do this kind of work on the site and gives you samples. This site is also great for teens to connect with other teens that are working on college essays, so they can talk about it and discuss how to do them or just as an outlet if they need to talk about writing them. This is a website that needs to be bookmarked for every student in college.

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