How Reality TV Affects Teens

Parents should take an active concern on how reality shows impact their teenagers. There are many aspects to reality TV shows that glamourize things that should not be glamorizing. There is a lot of focus on physical beauty and sex appeal. Even though reality television is a part of our lives, it negatively impacts teenagers by giving them a false sense of what is real.

There is research that has proven that reality TV does in fact impact how young girls see real life situation as well as their daily life values. When Kim Kardashian was getting ready to have her baby, she wasn’t preparing her bags, she was on the phone making sure her hair and makeup artists could make it out to make her look pretty during labor. This promotes a lack of values and gives teenage girls the impression that these are the things that one should focus on during child labor.

Shows such as America’s Top Model actively promote excessive beauty and sexuality. This gives teenagers the impression that life is one big beauty competition, and gives them problems with their self-image and self-esteem. It endorses competition and lack of actual success by defining success as beauty. Shows such as Beverly Hills feature over privileged young adults in their designer clothes and fancy cars. This gives teenagers the impression that success is equated with having a lot of money and fancy material possessions. Shows such as The Real Housewives promote gossip, aggression, and bullying between the women on the show. Teenage girls might get the impression that gossiping is simply a part of the female relationship, and women are simply mean to one another. It also promotes a competitive nature making young girls assume that this is how females behave around other females.

One of the biggest issues with reality TV is that the shows do not typically promote real life success stories. They promote external beauty and greed while teaching teenagers that this is how the real world really is. These shows should be promoting women with successful careers, college degrees, doing positive things with their lives. Those types of things are considered real world success stories. Beauty and competition are just that. You should sit down with your teens and watch these shows together and make sure they understand the difference between what the TV portrays as real, and what really is real life.

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