A Manual For Writing A Good Pearl Harbor 4-Page Essay

Pearl Harbor is a lagoon in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It is the station for a deep water naval base for the US Navy. If you have been asked to write a 4-page essay on Pearl Harbor and you want to make sure that you write a really good one, you can read this manual and you should be able to master it. Here are the best ways to write a good 4-page essay quick.

Set up

A 4-page essay can be the same as a five-paragraph essay in its form. You would start off by introducing the topic in an introduction that will give some background information on Pearl Harbor. The focus should be to make sure that this is at least a half of a page long. The last sentence of the introduction will be your thesis statement. This is a fancy way of saying a statement about what your paper is about. It should sound something like “Pearl Harbor is an interesting place because….”

You will then move into the body of the paper which is where you will discuss three things about Pearl Harbor which you would have indicated in your thesis statement. The three paragraphs will each be about a page long and each discuss a reason why Pearl Harbor is interesting. If you work out at least one page for each, the conclusion will take up a half a page and your four page paper is all set.


To make sure that you write an effective paper, it is so important to plan it out. Don’t just start writing because you will likely find yourself all over the place. It is a better idea to make a plan as to how you will handle things and then work your way through the plan. An outline can help you decide what to discuss when and help you stay on track.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you read an example essay to help you formulate a plan as to what you will write about and how you will present it. It is definitely always a good idea and it can really help you. Also, be sure to edit your paper. There are many little errors that your spelling and grammar checker will miss and you don’t want to lose unnecessary points.

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