5 Places To Check Looking For An APA Style Essay Example

Don’t let your professor penalize you for not formatting your paper! If you're writing a paper, you need to ensure that you're using the proper APA format to get the best grade. Professors can be tough and while they might say to just put it in the proper format, they won’t tell you all the steps you need. Look no further than online. There are several great websites that can help you to set up your paper, see similar styles, and correctly include your references. For starters, make sure to check out:

  • APA Style: This great website can help you to better understand how a paper should be set up, as it shows you the parameters that you need in place such as your formatting, spacing, and indents. They also give you samples in PDF form, that you can look at to better ensure that your paper mirrors theirs so that you get that A+! Sometimes professors will deduct if you are missing things like the page numbers, your name, or if your references aren’t formatted correctly.

  • Another website to check out is ivcc, which is a local college that has a page set up to help you to format your essay. As you're looking at these college samples online, make sure you check out your own college to ensure that you're following the proper guidelines based on what your professor requires.

  • You can also look at Digital Commons, which is another professional format style for a college that is set up in a way that you can easily follow their formatting guide and see examples.

  • Ready to test out your APA skills? Look no further than Citation Machine, which can turn your paper into the proper format and it's free! You can view samples and then create your own. You actually add your paper in, include your references, and it will give you back the proper formatting.

  • Just need quick help with APA formatting and want to see samples? Look at EasyBib, which can help you with simple things like understanding how to turn a website reference into the proper format and you can view older papers to see how it’s done.

No matter whether you're writing a standard research paper, or you're doing a full thesis or dissertation, you can find the help that you need online and you don’t have to worry about your professor failing you because you didn’t use Times New Roman in font size 12!

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