Pediatric Nursing

At any given moment of the day, a child is brought into this world. By the time you finish reading this essay, mothers and fathers will receive their bundles of joy throughout the 196 nations on planet Earth. In order to make sure these babies are brought into the world safely, pediatric nurses are hired to ensure these babies can live a bright future. These licensed medical professionals work with children until their young adulthood, providing screenings, immunizations and helping ail childhood diseases such as chicken pox.

All men and women that choose to go into the nursing field must receive an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in order to become licensed as registered nurses. In order to obtain any type of specialty rating in the nursing field, RN’s must pass a separate set of examinations in order to deal with young children. Many of these nurses work with children throughout their stages of life development and many take care of children that are suffering from chronic and/or serious/life-threatening conditions.

A large role in the life of a pediatric nurse is to instruct the child and their parents or guardians on proper nutrition to grow into strong and healthy young adults. For many of these children, the instruction they receive from their pediatric nurse may be the only proper learning they receive about diet and nutrition. Nurses work in a variety of settings however to include private practices, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, the military and even on cruise ships. With a worldwide nursing shortage, those aspiring to get into the medical field should look into the pediatric nursing route. With children being the future of the world, it is of the utmost importance to ensure their proper growth and development so they can help the world and perhaps even become a pediatric nurse themselves!

Largely a female profession, nursing can also be a degree earned by males as it is important for anyone and everyone to help young children in need. The long hours and pay often come in second place when a child is able to recover from a childhood disease due to the valiant effort put in by their nurse. Without the medical field and nurses, the world would need to find a different way to not only promote health and well-being, but to help fight illness, injury, disease and advocate for better medical treatment of everyone across the world.

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