Natural Law

Natural Law or Natural Law theory is the understanding of the law’s moral connection between right and wrong. It has been argued that the difference between the law and the morality of man are not just different but separate when they are actually the same thing and operate on the same logic. For example, a man sees a woman get mugged and knocked to the ground. Taking the law into one’s own hands could be said is wrong, but saving the woman’s life was more important and it was the right thing to do.

Natural Law also implies that the concept of ethics do not apply to everyone despite the law being the law, an example of this is when a policemen ends up killing his son’s murderer instead of arresting the murderer and letting the justice system properly deal with him. Another example of Natural Law is when a person chooses to save people from a burning building instead of going to the pizza parlor across the street because of mass hunger. It’s a known fact that based on the concept of natural law, mankind is indeed moral and the laws that are evident is what keeps mankind moral.

It is also a known fact that people have done things that have gone against natural law, a person choosing to kill an opposing teams’ travelling coach just because the opposing team won by one point would go against the natural law because the person is premeditating a mass murder against innocent people. This goes against the natural law of those innocent people living a happy life, one person’s vengeful act is going to upset a lot of other people. It is as if the person is saying, a lot of lives will be lost but at least my team will not have any competition.

The concept of Natural Law can be applied in the case of a woman exercising her right to get an abortion, a woman gets pregnant and it eliminates off her ability to do the things that she wants to do ergo she gets an abortion because she’s not ready for a baby yet. It has been argued that abortion is immoral, but the natural law theory states that there is a right and wrong reason behind a person’s actions; a reason why that person took the actions that they believed were right at the time.

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