A List Of Compelling Expository Essay Topics For Grade 5

At grade 5, you will be required to have started writing expository essay. Expository essay helps the student learn basically how to plan and arrange his or her ideas in writing. The relevance of such an essay is that it requires the student to conceptualize an idea, find the best words to explain the idea, and then make an argument out of the idea. At first, students feel that writing an expository essay is a hard task often shy of. With few easy steps a grade 5 can write and submit a quality expository essay easily.

Essay planning

Without proper planning, you might as well not do the essay. Expository essay is usually based on an idea generated by the author of the essay; sometimes the teacher will provide a topic and the student is left with the task of generating his or her own ideas. Try listing your ideas as you group comparable ideas together.

During the planning session is where the student makes an outline. Thorough the outline is how you will effectively write your essay with ease. Ensure you have all your sources in check before your begin writing. Then develop the thesis of your essay in regards to your main ideas.


Always begin with a catchy introduction that strongly drives to your topic. Provide contexts that will drive your readers through your work, and finally provide the thesis statement.

Main points

Your points will determine the number of paragraphs to include, remember that each paragraph explains a single point. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence as an introduction to the main point. Through the paragraph elaborate on the point with supporting evidence and explain the significance of the evidence to the main point. Then you can finally conclude the paragraph as you transition to the next point.

Essay conclusion

Restating your thesis statement should always be the first part of your general essay conclusion. Also show how the evidence you have provided supports the thesis statement. Summarize the essay and finally offer a call to action or just a final thought. Give a solution of what should be done next in relation to your ideas.

Practice makes perfect and that is why at grade 5 the student should have started practicing on his or her essay writing techniques. This website has a list of compelling expository essay topics for grade 5.

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