Constructing A Very Short Expository Essay – Useful Hints

In our every daily lives, we encounter multiple questions that require us to craft an expository essay. Expert writers will probably find it very easy as they already have the elementary skills. However, those who are beginners are normally faced with a difficult time in accomplishing this chore. Basically, this essay focuses on discussing, comparing, telling a story or evaluating a given subject. Here are few of the following tips:

Concise and acuity

Your choice of words should base on these two factors, that is, you should be brief and clearly state the key point without being too wordy. Annul from unnecessary repetition and use of clichés as these two make your work boring. Maintain originality and creativity in order to ensure that your work is captivating and attractive.

The second person perspective

Some writers are fond of using the first person perspectives such as “I.” This should not be the case. The acceptable adjective is “You.” Do not employ any other word that might otherwise change the meaning of the sentence.

Select which method to employ

As stated earlier, you can compare, discuss, evaluate and craft a short story when it comes to expository writing. Among these four, you have to select only one suitable method depending on the nature of the question. The one you choose should also be in line with the type of the subjects given. If you are uncertain about this, confirm from your lecturer.

Construct the thesis

Begin by creating a topic sentence for each paragraph. In the introduction section, create a central statement of which the rest of the content focuses on. Your thesis should be specific, brief and concise. Employ new vocabularies which have the ability to capture the lecturer’s mind and keep them reading your work. This is the commencement of scoring higher marks.

The body

This is a significant section that carries the weightier part of the entire text. In it, include factual points, ideas and opinions based on which method you have selected. Support them with valid data and examples drawn from other germane textbooks and journals. Arrange the points in a lucid manner in order to make them adopt a smooth flow.

Summarize the points

The last paragraph entail the conclusion. Here, the writer simply restates the ideas already given in the body of the text without any addition or subtraction. Employ connections in summing up the points and provide your recommendations to the reader.

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