The 30 Most Interesting Problem Solution Essay Topics To Discuss

What is a problem solution essay?

It is a particular form of essay, where you pose a question and provide a solution to it. You choose a topic that is a question and might have multiple solutions. Then you convey which you think is the best solution, and provide details and point on your choice. Then you say why the solution you chose is better than all others. It is the best way to convey your perspective on a particular matter, no matter how controversial.

Topic suggestions for your essay

Finding the proper topic for your essay can be difficult. It needs to be something that you have good knowledge about, something that can be formed as a question with multiple answers. A few of the essay topics, or 30 to be exact, suggestion of topics will include

  • - How to teach money management at an early age?
  • - What are the ways that driving tests can be made more stringent so as to ensure safety?
  • - What are the ways to publicize public transport so that people use it more often?
  • - How can the laws be framed to encourage adoption and decrease population?
  • - What can the parents of specially-able children do to make their wards feel normal?
  • - What is the best educational infrastructure to promote merit and merit only?
  • - What subjects should be made compulsory in middle schools?
  • - What are the ways to stop bullying, physical and mental harassment in schools?
  • - What can be done to ensure that all students across all schools at a particular stage of education have similar knowledge and application skills?
  • - What should be done to help students who take their time in learning in schools?
  • - What can be done to make higher education affordable and achievable to all?
  • - What are the alternatives to the present quota reservation system in higher education and job employment?
  • - What can be done to focus education more on application and less on book-knowledge?
  • - What are the alternative accommodations to college hostels and why they are better/worse?
  • - How to avoid procrastinating?
  • - How to popularize physical sports in college-goers?
  • - How can players avoid media?
  • - How can sportsperson avoid distraction and learn some discipline?
  • - What should be the salary cap for sportspersons?
  • - What can be done to encourage sports at young age?
  • - What can be done for homeless people?
  • - What can be done to eradicate illiteracy?
  • - What can be done for population control?
  • - What can be done to control domestic violence?
  • - What can be done to increase employment opportunities?
  • - How to deal with immigration problems?
  • - How to make long distance relationship work?
  • - How to end a failing relationship with dignity?
  • - What can be done to have better population control laws?

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