The keystones of essay writing - expert advice

One of the really good things about the keystones of essay writing is that they have been in operation seemingly forever. Literally millions of students have used the keystones of essay writing to produce prose which has given the students the result they wanted. And if this is true the obvious question is why doesn't everybody take advantage of these keystones? Good question.

Maybe it's because they can't be bothered with discovering them. Maybe it's because they've always done fairly well in their essay writing and are content with their current approach to the topic. Or maybe it's because they know the keystones and simply forget to apply them when writing their latest essay. Let's go through these keystones one at a time.

  • An excellent choice of topic.
  • The solid understanding of the structure of an essay.
  • Doing the research and creating the outline.
  • Getting feedback.
  • Knowing how to proofread.

It cannot be stressed enough that the choice of topic you make plays a major role in the success of your writing. Choose the right topic and you put in place the first and arguably the most important keystone of good essay writing. Sadly the opposite is true. If you don't like the topic, if there is little relevant research material available or if you're simply creating something that many other students have done before you, you will struggle.

So many students make basic mistakes when it comes to the structure of the essay. You need to understand the word count and not under or over write. You need to understand that there is only one main point in each fact paragraph and that there is no new material in the conclusion.

Choosing the ideal topic for you is the first step but unless there is relevant and accessible research material and you are able to extract information and place it in a carefully designed outline, you will struggle again.

Writing an essay should not be an isolated experience, certainly not once you have completed the work. Seek feedback. Get fellow students, family and friends to read your essay and tell you what they think. You certainly want to get thinking about what other people believe you have written.

And finally there is the polish element as far as the keystone of essay writing is concerned. You really need to know how to be an excellent proofreader and editor.

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