10 Impressive Topics To Write An Essay About

When you want to write an outstanding essay, you need to choose a really impressive topic. If you’d like to avoid the countless run-of-the-mill topics out there, have a look at this list of ten excellent essay topics for you to choose from. Other good essay topics article: https://essaymill.com/guides/topics

Motivations behind terrorism

There are many different motivations behind acts of terrorism, including politics, religion and even environmentalism. What are the most common motivations behind acts of terrorism? What are some of the less common motivations?

Large corporations tracking consumers

Large companies undoubtedly track consumer behaviour. How do they track their customers? What do they stand to gain from keeping tabs on their customers?

Ethics of genetic engineering

There is lots of heated debate about the ethics of genetic engineering. Do you think genetic engineering is unethical? If so, why? Is there any way it can be done in an ethical manner?

Impact of the Crusades

The Crusades were religious military campaigns endorsed by the Catholic Church during the middle ages. What were some of the biggest impacts of the Crusades? Are any of these impacts still felt today? Did the Crusades alter the course of world history?

Efficacy of torture

Torture is often used as an unethical and illegal attempt to achieve something. Is torture ever effective? Is there ever an appropriate time to use torture?

Dealing with illegal immigration

Illegal immigration is a major problem for many countries across the world. Should countries have their militaries patrol their borders to prevent illegal immigration? Should illegal immigrants be sent back to their countries of origin no matter what lies in wait for them?

Ethics of the pharmaceutical industry

A topic that inspires enormous anger in people is the pharmaceutical industry. Does the pharmaceutical industry make too much profit at the expense of sick people? Should the industry’s pricing be more heavily regulated to help consumers get affordable medications?

Dangers of cosmetic surgery

There are increasing numbers of deaths and disfigurations being reported due to botched cosmetic surgery. Should the cosmetic surgery industry be more heavily regulated to protect patients? Or should we assume that patients know the risks and are willing to take them?

Stopping human trafficking

Human trafficking is a terrifying problem globally. Is there any effective way to stop human trafficking?

Impact of ecotourism

Ecotourism is becoming more and more popular as people become more environmentally aware. What are the main impacts of ecotourism? Does it actually fulfill a good purpose?

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