How To Write A Good Essay In High School: Practical Guidelines

If you are given a writing assignment, you need to know that there are some set rules that will always apply. You can print our list as keep it near to you as you work.

Practical Guidelines for Writing a Good HS Essay

  • - Always use third person point of view when you write.
  • - Always use your computer and type and print your essay. Do not handwrite it unless it is an in-class essay.
  • - Find out if you have to submit the paper electronically and in hard copy or just in one of those formats.
  • - Type in a size 12 font and then use a very plain font choice such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  • - Double-space the entire composition.
  • - Use an outline to help you plan the direction of your composition.
  • - Make sure you have a strong thesis statement with good main points.
  • - If one of your main points is weaker than the others, then place it between the stronger points.
  • - Put a header on the first page and then find out what the teacher wants you to put on the following pages.
  • - Do not use slang words or contractions in your composition. If you use any jargon or unusual words, make sure you define those words for your audience. Never use them in the first paragraph.
  • - Find out how many sources the teacher wants and then ask how many intext citations he or she wants in the paper. Make sure you know how long the piece is supposed to be.
  • - Find out if the teacher wants a Works Cited page or a Bibliography page. Also, some teachers will want you to print your sources and to hand them in with the final draft. They may also want you to submit your rough draft and your outline. Know what your teacher wants in the final submission package.
  • - Make sure that every time you use someone else’s information, you include an intext citation.
  • - You will want to use transitions as you move from paragraph to paragraph and from idea to idea within your composition. This will make you paper flow better.

If you get stuck or fall behind at any part of your project, make sure to get help from your teacher, a tutor, a family member, a friend, or a writing company. Find the help you need to have success with your compositions.

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