Free Essay Help: Creating A Winning Introductory Paragraph

You’ve probably heard the expression that first impressions are very important. It’s true in writing papers as well. A great introductory paragraph can compel a reader to want to read through the end of a written assignment, while a poor introductory paragraph can set the reader off in a bad mood, thus affecting what her or she thinks of the rest of your work. Here are some steps to creating a great beginning and get your writing going in the right direction:

Start with a hook:

Your first sentence should entire the reader to want to read further. This can be achieved using a number of techniques. You can start with a question, a quote, an interesting fact, etc. The important thing is that you use something that engages the reader in some say that he quickly becomes invested in the work you are about to present. Try out a few different beginnings and ask a friend or fellow student to review. Use their interest to gauge how well your hook works.

Provide some background:

The next thing you want to do is provide a little bit of background on your topic. This could be historical context, how it fits into current times, or anything else that sets your topic up with any needed information to understand more thoroughly. Be careful not to insult your readers by providing background that is irrelevant or something that they should already have some knowledge of. Don’t waste their time. Stick with content that is helpful and interesting.

State the reason for your topic:

After you provide background you should give a reason or two why you have selected your topic. It’s not enough to say that it is interesting to you. What you should do instead is show why a topic has not been covered thoroughly, why specific gaps in the discussion exist and why your research was necessary in furthering that topic area. Doing so will provide relevance to your content and give your reader an idea why your work is important.

End with a thesis statement:

Your thesis statement can technically be placed anywhere in your introductory paragraph, however, most academics suggest that it should be placed at the end. This way the reader has an easier time identifying what your central government is going to be. Be sure that you state not just an opinion but a statement that can be supported with evidence and argued against.

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