What Are The Essential Features Of A Strong Response Essay?

There are many types of essays that require pertaining to many themes. For example, an argumentative paper requires a person to state a claim and support it. Another example would be a compare and contrast paper. A person would be required to have a least two things and compare and contrast those two things. So as you can see, many different papers require different things. It is what makes the paper recognizable and easy to follow. There are also many essential features needed in a response paper, check this site.

First a person must know what a response paper is in order to write one. In general, a response paper is a person’s opinion on an author’s work. A teacher may ask you to write a response to what you had just read. What do you think about it? What was its purpose? And many other questions an instructor may ask you to answer in your paper.

Essential Features

  • - Opinion
  • Any and every response paper must have the writer’s opinion, or it will just turn out restating what was in the text. Tell your reader what you thought of what you read. Say how you felt about it or just try to make a connection to you and the text.

  • - Agree or Disagree
  • There will be ideas stated in the text, and the instructor wants you to agree or disagree with all or parts of what was stated.

  • - Strengths and Weaknesses
  • State what you thought was reasonable and what you didn’t think was reasonable.

  • - Persuasive
  • This is an essential feature of your paper. Your entire paper should refer to the text or/& personal experience that either supports or doesn’t support the text you’ve just read.

In other words, a response paper has many essential features just like any other paper. These features include your opinion, whether you agree or disagree what was stated, the strengths and weaknesses of what you read and that your paper must be persuasive. You are trying to make the reader of your paper see your point of view and most likely agree with what you said. If your paper has no point of view and takes neither side, then you must go back and rewrite your paper. Without a side your paper will not be able to fit the one requirement and that is being persuasive. And so remember what it takes to make a strong response essay.

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