Writing Basics: 3 Main Parts Of An Expository Essay

When an expository essay is correctly written, it should not miss the three must-have features. Without these in your writing, your work will be considered irrelevant or incomplete. Therefore, be sure to have them at the tip of your fingers each time you cogitate about composing such a paper. They are not only essential for this type of text but also applicable to other texts. Consider them below.

The introduction

There is no work done unless the writer has crafted a correct introduction. This marks the commencement of your work. It should be clearly brought out in such a way that the reader should be able to tell what you are going to talk about. You need to write a leading statement and complete by stating your thesis. This is the central idea which the writer builds on in the subsequent paragraphs by supporting with relevant data. Your thesis should not be too broad or too narrow but should be within the recommended scope so that you can appropriately present your arguments. It is also significant that your introduction should be catchy and interesting in order to keep the mind of the reader engaged.

The body

This is where the writer tries to convince his or her audience with regards to the position taken. He or she should use sufficient and strong evidence drawn from the work of research and back it up with correct examples and quotations. However, you should be careful when you deliver your ideas. Do not go to the extent of giving wrong facts and opinions as these will mislead the audience. Make sure your work meets their demands and should not have deficits. Each idea should be placed in a single paragraph. Connect them by use of linking phrases.


This is the last part of the text. Basically, there are various aspect to be captured for a conclusion to be labelled complete. First, the writer should look back at the body and trace the main points presented. These should not be elaborated. Jot them down through restating in a brief summary. They should also have a lucid flow just the way they are acquainted the body. Do not try to introduce any new idea that was not initially mentioned as this will make everything irrelevant. This section should be brief and precise and should only cover a single paragraph. Do not be too wordy or too brief. With the above aspects, you will have captured everything.

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