How Do You Select Good Essay Topics About Islam?

Choosing a strong topic for an essay is almost a guarantee for a high grade. If you were assigned a paper on Islam, however, you should be very cautious about the subject you pick. There is a lot of debating on the given topic, so make sure to be precise in what you write. Here are some tips for you on how to select a goof essay topic about Islam:

  1. 1. List everything you know.
  2. Brainstorming is a good way to get your brain in the creative mode. Start by writing down anything that comes to your mind, regardless of if it’s funny, good or bad. Think of all the different sides of the culture under consideration, and list as many aspects as possible. You can also try to view the subject from the point of what you’re studying at the moment.

  3. 2. Start removing inappropriate ideas.
  4. There is a lot of controversy around this philosophy, so make sure the statements you make won’t offend anyone. Get rid of the points that will require too much research. Keep in mind that your essay has a deadline too. The next thing to think of is whether you personally are able to write a text about your ideas. For a really good essay you will have to be interested and knowledgeable in what you’re researching, so make sure to cross out any boring topics.

  5. 3. Consider your readers’ interests.
  6. Think of what your classmates would want to know about Islam. Would your teacher be interested in learning about its architecture or music too? Your essay is a way for you to communicate your ideas to other people. Make sure to keep a positive attitude towards the subject since that will help them to comprehend what you’re saying.

  7. 4. Select the most fitting topic.
  8. If you’re still trying to decide between several ideas, it can be better just to make a decision quickly and start writing. Avoid wasting your time on hesitating instead of actually working on something. You are likely to get another chance to express your ideas about Islam later in school.

  9. 5 Hang on to your decision.
  10. You will never be able to finish your essay if you decide to switch topics in the middle of writing. Of course, you can have some second thoughts on whether you’ve selected the right idea or not, but it’s actually better if you stick to your decision and try to make the best of it.

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