5 Things You Should Avoid Writing An Article Review

Writing is like journey, you start your journey with an empty paper and a refilled pen and then you get to decide where you and your journey end. Writing is a tactful method of communicating to the people using inscriptions of signs and symbols. It is not a language but a technology.

In writing, there is no specific language, one can write in any language of their choice. But while writing an article for mass consumption, you have to choose the common language which should be legible and understood by the targeted public.

Article is a type of writing where you write information and important contents on a topic to help the readers to understand a worth full information and illuminate them about the topic.

This website can assist you in writing a better article by telling you about the 5 basic things that you should avoid while writing an article. Writing an article is difficult but if you are able to follow and remember the following points given below, then article writing can be real fun. So check out what should be avoided and write with an open mind.

Don’t forget your target reader

When you are writing an article on any subject, remember you are writing for a particular group of readers. The article is meant for something and for somebody. You should give the required information in a decorative way so as to retain and attract your target readers.

Don’t boredom your target reader

The readers of your article are reading the article to avail some information and not for time pass. If you cannot provide them with proper information and just hang around the corner, then you are losing your readers.

Don’t lose your flow

Writing is a flow of your thoughts. You need to maintain that flow of writing with proper and useful information throughout the article. The lines should be catchy and attractive to get the readers’ attention. It is always better to outline your point and views beforehand in order to maintain the flow.

Don’t plagiarize

Never ever try to copy from any other article. It is criminal offence and you might lose your job for this. You can take out information from other sources but never copy. You are free to take suggestions and information from different other articles but put the information acquired from other articles in your own words.

Don’t make grammatical mistakes

You are never allowed to commit any grammatical mistakes when you are writing an article. Irrespective of what language you use, your grammatical sense should be strong. Always remember the readers are trying to get information and they never expect any inappropriate mistakes. So you better brush up your grammar before you start writing.

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